Technical Room



The Technical Room has overall responsibility to explore and coordinate the investigation and where desirable facilitate buildingSMART’s engagement with fundamental technical advancements which may enhance or accelerate the provision of robust openBIM solutions to users. The Technical Room’s specific remit is the coordination of the core technical development of the IFC model and associated technical standards to safely, rigorously and in a commercially viable manner support the development of openBIM to fully meet users’ needs and ambitions.

Steering Committee

The Technical Room is led by members of industry and academia.   The steering committee facilitates the project and activities of the room and the buildingSMART groups it sponsors while developing a Technology Road Map for buildingSMART International.


Robert AndersonUSA Chapter
Jakob BeetzBenelux Chapter
Christophe CastaingFrance Chapter
Christian FreySiemens
Thomas LiebichGermany Chapter
Greg SchleusnerHOK
Dennis SheldenUSA Chapter
Bjørn StangelandDDS
Angel VelezAutodesk


Key Objectives

  • Pursue innovative programs to align with the fast-moving digitization of the industry
  • Ensure buildingSMART benefits from that latest technical research and advances from university or industry and develops an active technical community
  • Continuously develop, improve and maintain the IFC specification and support its implementation in IFC compatible software
  • Proactively support interfaces with other standards and working platforms such as geospatial and web standards.
  • Develop workflow enabling toolkits
  • Enable strategic implementations of buildingSMART standards

Learn More

To learn more about the Technical Room and the activities here, or contribute in the work, please contact us.


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